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Walls and fencing play a crucial role in landscaped gardens as they help to define the boundaries and create a sense of privacy and seclusion. They also serve as an important design element that can enhance the overall look and feel of a patio garden or driveway.

In landscaped gardens, walls and fencing can help to create a visual barrier that separates the garden from the outside world. This can be especially important in urban environments where gardens are often surrounded by noisy, busy streets and buildings. A well-designed wall or fence can help to reduce noise and visual distractions, allowing the homeowner to enjoy their outdoor space in peace and tranquility.

Walls and fencing can also be used to create different areas within a garden, each with its own unique character and atmosphere. For example, a tall, solid wall can be used to enclose a private seating area, while a low, decorative fence can be used to mark the boundary of a vegetable or flower bed or provide raised planters.

In addition to their practical benefits, walls and fencing can also add visual interest to a garden. A well-designed wall or fence can act as a backdrop for plants and flowers, highlighting their beauty and creating a harmonious connection between the natural and man-made elements of the garden. Different walling materials and styles can be used to suit the overall design of the garden, such as natural stone or slate in a huge variety of colours and textures to compliment the overall look of your property.

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