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Individually Designed Patios & Walkways Chesterfield

 Patios Chesterfield

Driveways BakewellG.W.H Paving Services, of Derbyshire was established in 1991 and can design and build individually styled Patios in Chesterfield, for domestic or commercial properties. We work with a selection of  materials including natural sandstone, granite, limestone, slate and granite in the Chesterfield  area.

A selection of the designs for Patios can be found by clicking on the links above. We hope this will give you an idea of what can be achieved for a large open area right down to a small walkway. Our Patios in the Chesterfield area are individually designed to blend with the age and style of your property and surrounding gardens. If you like the look of our work, please contact us for our advice and to arrange for a no obligation free estimate for your new Patios Chesterfield. Our Portfolio is updated on a regular basis so check back soon for more new patios and driveways.

Patios Chesterfield – Products Used

The products we use for our Patios in the Chesterfield area are from top manufactures such as MarshallsPlaspave, Stonemarket, Bradstone and Brett to name a few. All of the Marshalls products come with the added bonus of an optional 10 year guarantee. Our updated website now contains our latest portfolio of driveways, patios and walkways of our work in the Bakewell area. We hope to hear from you soon to and look forward to helping enhance your Chesterfield property with a G.W.H Designed Patios.

Images Note: All of the images on our website are of actual GWH projects and are taken by our own photographer. Unfortunately, some less scrupulous ‘traders’ have been using our photo’s and claiming them as their own work. To prevent this plagiary, we are now forced to watermark our photos. We do have an album of original photo’s which we are more than happy to show to prospective clients.

Key Areas of GWH Expertise

Driveway Tegula

Driveway Design

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GWH can design and install your new driveway from initial concept through to completion. We work on all sizes of project from a small driveway with space for one car or a long sweeping entrance to your property.

Regardless of size, we can design your new driveway to be sympathetic to your home in a variety of materials. We can advise you on the best materials to use for your particular requirements, providing you with a driveway to be proud of to add maximum kerb appeal to your property.
Sandstone Patio

Patio Design

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A Patio design from GWH can be so much more than just a patio, we create beautiful, functional spaces in your garden to provide an outdoor lifestyle to match your needs. Our patio designs can be co-ordinated with an overall hard landscaping scheme with other elements such as retaining walls, steps, lighting or raised borders. When complete, your new patio area will provide a space in which to relax and entertain your friend s and family. See our Portfolio pages for many examples of our designs.



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Walling is an essential part of hard landscape design, whether as a decorative feature, a raised border or a retaining wall to make a steep terraced garden easier to work and navigate.
GWH can design and build your walling features in a variety of natural materials and will ensure the wall is not only structurally sound and safe but will match your over all scheme and look good for many years to come. To see some examples of our walling work, see our Portfolio Page.

Permeable Paving

Permeable Paving

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Back in October 2008, the government introduced planning legislation that apply to the paving over of front gardens. Consequently, planning permission is now required to lay traditional impermeable driveways that allow uncontrolled runoff of rainwater onto the roads because this can contribute to flooding and pollution of watercourses. The new planning rules aim to reduce the volume of water running from driveways directly into urban drains. A permeable paving system enables rainfall to soak into the subsoil where it can drain harmlessly away rather than run off into hard pressed drains.

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